Tips To Choose The Right Maple Syrup

The maple syrup is categorized based on its flavor and color. All grades of the maple syrup are identical in density and content, the color of the maple. The maple syrup color is range from pale golden from dark brown. The maple syrup is graded by its color. The difference in syrup color has mostly to do with when the maple syrup is made. Depending on the season the color will be varying. As the spring season, the sap coming from the trees becomes darker color and then producing darker syrup.  Corresponding to the syrup color, the darker color is having a stronger flavor. There is four maple syrup grades are available such as grade A medium amber, grade B, Grade A dark amber and Fancy. People want to understand all the maple syrup is produced by the same process.2

Different grades of maple syrup:

People want to check and consider the grades of the maple before choosing the wholesale maple syrup. The grades are will helpful for people to find their flavor easily.

  • Grade A Dark amber: it is produced toward the end of the season. it is a robust flavor and a great in Oatmeal and yogurt. If you are looking the traditional and hearty flavor, this the best choice for you.
  • Grade A medium Amber: it is shaped darker and still in light. It is one of the aromatic syrup and has a slightly more pronounced flavor. It is traditional and pancakes maple syrup.
  • Grade B: another main category is known as Grade B and it is made at the end of sugaring season. It is almost as darker molasses and very strong. The intense flavor of this has been described as hardcore. It is traditionally considered a cooking grade maple syrup. It is has gained more popularity among people. It is well known for its beneficial use in cleaning fast.
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