5 Ways To Treat Your Feet The Right Way

Simply put, our feet are doing all the work for us, as they are constantly being pressured, and that is why they deserve to be respected. Well, you can do that by having regular visits with your podiatrist or take care of them by yourself. If you want to visit a podiatrist instead, then you should visit modpodpodiatry.com.au, and learn more about them.

It is easy for us to take our feet for granted, since they are just there, and we never pay much attention to how much work they are doing every day. From jamming them into uncomfortable footwear to smothering them inside tight nylon pantyhose or sweaty socks.


Visit your podiatrist if you think there might be something wrong

You do not need expensive spa treatments to give your feet a good time, but a visit to the podiatrist should already be on the list if you feel like there might be something wrong. If you spend just a couple of minutes on your feet a day, you will surely help yourself feel less pain or even disability. Below you have some common ideas that can help.

  1. Proper hygiene

Everything starts with a proper hygiene, from our whole body to just bits and pieces; you should be taking a shower at least once a day. When you are showering, make sure to actually soap up your feet, because simply soaping up your upper body and letting the soap wash away is not enough, and be sure to completely dry them.

  1. Feet soaking

If you enjoy soaking your feet, then you should forget about Epsom salt because that will dry your feet too fast, without offering it any real medical benefit. You should just use warm water, which is not too hot, and a little liquid soap instead. You can always contact podiatrist Neutral Bay from ModPod Podiatry, and ask the podiatrist for help.

  1. Moisturizing

It is very important that you pay attention to moisturizing your feet after you wash them, and while many think that water is enough, you are wrong. This especially applies to those who have dry skin on their feet, as moisturizing them several times a day will make that problem go away. You do not need anything fancy, a simple basic lotion will do the trick.

  1. Proper footwear

First of all, you need to have the footwear that suits your feet, from the shape to the size of your shoes. Tou should already know that heels and many female shoes are not that healthy for your feet, and it is always a safe bet to ask your podiatrist to help you choose.

If you love to soak your feet, never use hot water and substances that will dry them out

  1. Feet are not supposed to hurt

Keep in mind that feet are not supposed to hurt, ever. If your feet start to hurt from time to time, without any cause, then you might have an underlying condition, For example, wearing improper footwear can worsen your bunions and distort your toe shape, which can cause pain. Visit your podiatrist if you feel like there might be something wrong.

Final word

The most important thing is that you visit your podiatrist in time. You should already know the other basic do’s and don’ts, like for example, you shouldn’t wear flip-flops because they are doing nothing for your feet. Shoes need to provide arch support, which also means that walking barefoot is not something that is helping you. Actually, you should never walk barefoot on a hard surface.

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