4 Important Cat Safety Tips

Cats are one of the loveliest pets that can never be monotonous or boring. Their every gesture, looks and playfulness are just adorable. They are naturally curious and that often produces a delightful sight.legacy

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However, this very curiosity of cats can put them in danger too. These may be health hazards because of ingesting toxic substances, catching infections or meeting with an accident, or other hazards like getting lost or coming in contact with ill-minded people or cruel animals.

Therefore it’s very essential to keep an eye on your cat to ensure her safety. Here are some tips.

1. Keep Your Cat As Much Indoors As Possible

When cats are set free to ramble outdoors, they can easily fall prey to many kinds of dangers, like running traffic, other animals, toxic chemicals and other substances, infections and even insane folks who are just delighted to torture animals.

It’s observed that indoor cats live longer. Even though your cat is street savvy, allowing them to go out puts them at risk of being stolen or lost.

2. Cat-proof Your Home

Even if you keep your cat indoors, he is not totally free from dangers as your home itself can pose a number of dangers to him. However, you can minimise these with a little thought and imagination.

  • Check if there are any heavy objects that can easily fall from a height. Cats are particularly good at and are fond of climbing and jumping and thus can invite these types of dangers.
  • Keep any equipment that is potentially injurious away from your kitty. Cats are not only enthusiastic but are very fond of moving objects like your washer. Make sure your cat stays away from such equipment.
  • Choose your indoor plants wisely. Do thorough research on which plants are hazardous for cats and don’t plant them indoors. Cats love munching on plants and may unknowingly ingest one that is toxic for her. If she swallows such a poisonous plant, signs like vomiting, diarrhoea, irritation and the like can be seen. In that case, take her immediately to your vet.
  • Store your medications and cleaning materials away from your cat’s reach. Cats just love to chew or lick anything, and mediations and cleaning products may have ingredients that can cause dangerous consequences.
  • Keep electrical cords unplugged when not in use. Cord protectors can also be used for additional safety. Most cats love chewing and if yours chews a cord, she may be get a shock of her life; so, you should be extremely careful.
  • If you want to keep a room where you don’t want your cat to enter, make sure there is no way for her to enter that room.

In spite of being careful to such an extent, accidents may happen and for such an emergency, keep the contact details of St Ives vet like Gordon Vet for example, at hand, so that you can take your cat immediately to them.

3. Offer a Safe Toy

Cats love toys and to play with them. However, while choosing a toy for your kitty you should primarily consider safety. Many cat toys are not actually safe, e.g. strings that may lead to strangulation or intestinal hazards if swallowed.

Also avoid toys having removable parts because they can cause choking. Getting involved in your cat’s play is a good idea because that way you can monitor him at the same time. While being away, have a trustworthy cat sitter to look after your cat.

4. Stay in Touch with Your Vet

No matter, how careful you are about your cat’s safety, he may fall ill or get injured. And so, you should always be in touch with your vet or with the best cat hospital in Sydney for you to be sure about your cat’s health in times of emergency.

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